What is kalsomine?

kalsomine brushes are filled with one of the best fibers on the market, Tampico. It has better liquid carrying characteristics than

synthetics. Also, it is more resistant to heat, chemicals, and taking set than synthetic fibers.

What were the thinking? I now have the diagnosis and now I need a cure. Calcimine (Kalsomine) was the finish of choice in my house a long time ago and now it is rearing its ugly head. For those of you who are not sure what calcimine (Kalsomine) was be thankful. It was a dried calcium carbonate product that, mixed with water and sometimes pigments and glue, formed an opaque, easy to use and fast-drying coating for walls and ceilings or so they say. Basically it has become the perfect nonstick surface in my house the paint is coming down and I need a approach to deal with it. Any suggestions will be appreciated. There are 1000’s of sqft that are affected so it looks like this is going to be a long term project. The lady who used to own this house sure liked to paint,I would guess that the paint varies from 1/16 1/8″ thick and all of it is lead paint.

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