But when sufficient PvP fight takes place that reduces the general Power of the faction to a level that is below the number of claimed chunks the faction has, an enemy faction can come in and unclaim some chunks, or even declare them as their very own Chunks can solely be unclaimed from the skin-in. They should first unclaim an outer chunk, only working into your base in case your Power continues to drop. Whereas raiding stealing and griefing are part of the game on a Factions server, they are limited by who you choose to fight and war with – you need to actively be combating with one other faction so as on your factions base to grow to be open to raid and grief. Actually, to a very large extent, grieving is often the order of the day in the faction server. I can say without mincing any word that the Minecraft faction server is top-of-the-line servers for its massive scale combat actions and block flying warfare. Click on on a server to be taught more about it, or simply copy the ip address into your Minecraft shopper and find out for your self just how great it is. Why is that? Because a populated server has raids and dungeons happening, more reside occasions company, folks to PVP with, many guilds to select from and an lively Auction Home the place you can quickly sell your objects for profitable amounts, or simply buy what you need.